Yujin Kitagawa, formed in March 1996 by the Koji Iwasawa. Made to perform live on the street in Yokohama Isezakicho. October 1997, released the 1st Mini Album "Yuzu Moto". Melody that comes with lyrics and jerk that can be sympathy attract people with the citron, the limelight in the 1st Single released in next June 98 "summer color", and suddenly national constituency in the July release 1st Album "citron family" Become. The place was live on the street last on August 30 attracted 7,000 people, was the opportunity to live on the street is a social phenomenon. Then, live it increases the stage to the arena class from the hall class, perform the first Tokyo Dome performance in 2001. While release CD sound source also constantly, in July 23-24, 2005, performing "YUZU STADIUM 2005 GO HOME" in the Nissan Stadium becomes a Yuzu history record of capacity. Celebrated its 10th anniversary CD debut in 2007, performing release, the 10th anniversary Thanksgiving live a memorial to the October album "root of Yuzu 1997-2007" (all 9 performances). While then it continued to energetically, in 2012 of the 15th anniversary, to symbolize the Anniversary Year "Yuzu 15 anniversary Thanksgiving dome performances YUZU YOU" (May 26 - the 27th Kyocera Dome Osaka / June 2, 3 enjoyed the day Tokyo dome) to great success, and held his first exhibition "Yuzu Exhibition ~ 15th Anniversary Exhibition ~" at local and Yokohama in October of the same year, mobilized about 20,000 people. 37th the theme song of the popular anime "HUNTER × HUNTER" in 2013 Single "REASON", Music Clip Collection "Rokuutasen 2-NI-" simultaneous released. On 30 January followed, release the "colorful", which was appointed in 2013 You Can CM song as limited distribution single. On May 1st, approximately two years and two months, the first time to become 11 th original released the album "LAND" of, won the first place in the Oricon weekly album ranking! Hissage it, starting to conduct a national arena tour "YUZU ARENA TOUR 2013 GO LAND" is the Hokkaido from June 15 mobilized about 30 million people. September 18 New Single to be 38 th in the "time of the friend ~ journey ~", released at the same time the Music Clip Collection "Rokuutasen LAND". In addition to the 39th Single "I want to protect rain of Chi sunny Reruya /" the November 13, including the theme song "Chi sunny Reruya of rain" of NHK asadora "feast san", the movie "theater version HUNTER × HUNTER The LAST MISSION "theme song" two sides of the same coin "and DVD / BD release the" LIVE FILMS GO LAND "on December 25. In addition, the 11th Album "LAND", which was launched in May, is chosen as the best album award "shining! Japan Record Award 55th". Next 2014 release 12 th of the original album "New World". Start the "YUZU ARENA TOUR 2014 New World" to mobilize about 30 million people in 14 cities 30 performances from May 31st. DVD / BD "LIVE FILMS New World" as also video work early on November 26, the simultaneous release of the Music Clip Collection "Rokuutasen New World". Also performs a single release in constant and "OLA !! / pocket" (April 15 release) and "Endless Song" (released August 12) 2015, in the August 15, 16 days alone paid live It held a playing talking live at Yokohama Stadium to be about 15 years as. In two days to mobilize about 60,000 people. Is on September 9 about "~ two carrots customer 2015.8.15~ Green Day," the first time in 14 years to become a live album "~ two carrots customer 2015.8.16~ yellow of the day" and two simultaneous release, Oricon weekly album to achieve the feat of the first appearance 1,2 position monopoly in the rankings. National arena tour from Oct. 20 the dared. And in January 2016 launched the determination of the approximately two years to become the new album "TOWA". While pursuing the possibility of further entertainment, currently also in action on the front lines!